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Horses have a natural ability to respond to and reflect the emotional state of people, and Bluff’s equine-assisted therapy program creates life-changing experiences for men and women in recovery.

Recovering with Nature

Bluff is surrounded by natural beauty. Hike the trails that wind through our 178-acre property or practice yoga on our spacious lawns.

Enjoy a good conversation on the front porch of your cottage, practice gardening, or sit in a rocking chair and watch the sunrise over the oak trees along the Savannah River. Spending time in nature reduces stress, rejuvenates the mind and body, and reminds people of the wonder around them – all of which are beneficial for healing.

Peace and Fellowship

When in recovery from addiction, people need time to reflect, to be alone with their thoughts, to come to terms with where they are and to contemplate their future. Bluff gives patients the space and sense of solitude they may need during a time of major life change.

At the same time, getting to know others who are working toward a similar goal is also beneficial. Through group and experiential therapy, during meals, walks and downtime between activities, individuals in recovery forge friendships and bonds that provide a crucial source of support and encouragement.


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