Comprehensive Approach to Drug Rehab

Overcoming drug addiction begins with recognizing the seriousness of the problem and having the courage to ask for help with substance abuse treatment. Regardless of how long you have been suffering with drug addiction, what drugs you are addicted to, or what other mental health conditions may be co-occurring, Bluff will develop a personalized plan to get you on the road to addiction recovery.

Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation for drug abuse at our inpatient rehab drug centers in Georgia combines the most current treatment with clinical, holistic and experiential therapies to help patients achieve a meaningful, long-lasting recovery.

Drug Addiction as a Chronic, Progressive Disease

Many drug rehab programs are crisis-driven, short-term and associated with high rates of relapse. Addiction treatment at Bluff’s drug rehab in Georgia focuses on dealing with the underlying issues that led to addiction and helping patients develop the skills needed to sustain recovery. Those skills include facing challenges as a sober individual, dealing with stress and interacting successfully in the world without using drugs to dull emotional pain or mask dual disorders.

Our evidence-based program treats addiction as a chronic, progressive disease that can be successfully managed through a multi-pronged effort. Drug addiction treatment strategies include medical and clinical care, strengthening coping skills, introducing patients to new experiences and ways of enjoying life in sobriety, and ongoing support.

Drug Addiction Experts at our Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia

Our multidisciplinary team of psychiatric providers, nurses and licensed therapists and counselors provides the highest level of drug addiction treatment, medical care and recovery services. Our compassionate and dedicated staff has the expertise to treat all types of drug addiction and prescription drug abuse to address the unique challenges that each drug brings. Our detox protocol was developed by a board-certified physician, who also oversees our treatment programming.

Repairing the Brain’s Reward System

The use of drugs damages the brain’s reward system, distorting an individual’s ability to feel good without drugs in the body. Bluff uses a variety of methods to restore brain chemistry, particularly levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s pleasure centers. Through fresh and nutritious meals provided by our on-site chefs, holistic practices such as yoga and exercise, and other medical and clinical interventions, we can help reduce cravings and rebalance the brain to a more healthy state at our long term drug rehab in Georgia.

How to Get Help for a Friend or Family Member Struggling with Drug Addiction

Drug addiction harms everyone that it touches. Families can suffer emotionally, psychologically and financially when someone they love is addicted to drugs. If you have a friend or family member who is struggling, reach out to us for a confidential consultation. You may be saving a life. Learn more about how to get drug addiction help from our drug rehab programs in Georgia today.