Restoring Hope

Drug or alcohol addiction damages relationships, destroys trust and causes immeasurable stress and anxiety for those who love and care for the addicted individual.

When families have gone through an addiction with someone they love, they too need to undergo their own process of healing.

Families may also need guidance on how to help their loved one in recovery, while maintaining healthy boundaries. Bluff’s family program provides the education and support families need to understand addiction and how it impacts family dynamics, and to begin to restore family bonds.

How Addiction Hurts Families

When someone is in the throes of addiction, their behavior is so altered that their family and friends wonder what happened to the person they once knew. Family members may live in fear that their loved one won’t survive another day. The children of addicts suffer from their parent’s mood swings, erratic behavior and compulsion to seek out drugs or consume alcohol at the expense of most everything else.

Family members suffer in other ways too. Instead of enjoying their own lives, they may feel consumed by worry or with trying to control the uncontrollable. Family members may also feel forced to lie to employers and others to cover up for their addicted family member’s behavior. Families may suffer financially if household funds are used to buy drugs or if bad decisions or substance use at work leads to job loss.

Some family members turn inward, avoiding social situations that could lead to shame or embarrassment. Often, addicted individuals deny the extent of their disease, leaving family members frustrated, angry and trying to manage the turmoil.

Choosing Bluff

Many patients have come to Bluff because of the commitment of their family members to get their loved one help. Persuading an addicted individual to accept help can be a difficult process. Once addiction has hijacked the brain, thought processes and decision-making are compromised by substance use.

Before a patient starts treatment, we’ve often spent weeks educating families and the addicted individual about what to expect in treatment and how we can help break the cycle of addiction. Once they arrive, our team of psychiatric providers, addiction treatment professionals, licensed therapists and counselors use their medical expertise and their many years of experience to compassionately help individuals achieve and maintain sobriety, and learn the coping skills to live a fulfilling alcohol and drug free life.

What Families Can Expect
From Our Family Program

  • Receive practical, concrete advice on how to be there for a loved one and provide the right kind of support in early recovery.
  • Many individuals who are addicted to drugs also have co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or schizophrenia. Our family program teaches family members about these conditions, and the importance of effectively managing co-occurring disorders to strengthen recovery.
  • Learn about addiction, how addiction targets free will and why 12-step recovery programs are so important.
  • Learn how to provide love and assistance while avoiding enabling behaviors.
  • Gain insights into how addiction impacts relationships within families, and begin the healing process so that families can enjoy a happier future together.
  • Family Weekends with specialized programming and educational curriculum, opportunity to participate in family equine-assisted therapy, engage with treatment team, and enjoy our chef-prepared meals with loved ones in recovery.

Families living with addiction don’t have to walk the path to recovery alone. We’ll help you sort out the situation and get the resources you and your loved one needs.

Call (844) 242-0806 to speak confidentially with a recovery expert now. We accept most insurance and can verify whether your benefits will cover the cost of treatment.

Importance of Family Support in Rehab

Living with an addict can be exhausting.

Only when a loved one is safe and in rehab (or prison) do family members feel they can breathe.

Despite what families have gone through, their continued love and support can be incredibly important for individuals in recovery. But families need to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to offer their loved one a healthy form of support, while avoiding enabling behavior or old habits that can be triggering for the addict in recovery.

We help our patients identify the most important members of their support system – spouses, partners, parents, siblings and close friends. We invite them to participate in our family program. The family program provides education about the disease of addiction, setting boundaries and practical advice on supporting their loved one’s recovery.

Connecting With Others

No one understands better what it’s like to experience addiction than other families who have been through it. In our family program, families also connect with others who have faced similar challenges, creating an important support network.


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