Holistic Therapy: Engaging the Whole Person in Healing From Addiction

Have you ever noticed that doing something to take care of your physical health—for example, through exercise—helped to boost your mood as well? According to the concept of holistic therapy, this is the connection between your mind, body and spirit at work.

The goal of holistic therapy for substance use and mental health disorders is to help people develop a deeper understanding of these connections between their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This knowledge can lead to improvements in self-esteem and self-awareness.

Read on to find out how you can achieve overall wellness and positive outcomes with this integrative approach to addiction therapy.

What is holistic therapy? 

In health care, a holistic practitioner focuses on treating all aspects of a patient’s health, including physical symptoms, psychological factors and societal influences. 

Holistic psychology is a framework of treatment for mental health disorders that views psychological distress as impacting a person on multiple planes instead of just one. Effective holistic treatment for mental health and substance use disorders addresses the individual on a physical, mental, emotional, cultural and spiritual level. 

How does holistic therapy work?

Holistic therapy is used for the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions, including substance use disorders. In addition to encompassing the traditional aspects of rehab, such as medication-assisted treatment, psychoeducation on substance use and learning triggers, holistic therapy also incorporates alternative approaches like art therapy, animal assisted therapy and nature therapy.

What are the benefits of holistic addiction therapy?

Holistic addiction therapy may benefit you because it offers engaging opportunities to manage triggers, alleviate symptoms and find meaning in your new, substance-free life. Here’s how.

Get stronger

Holistic therapy can take the form of exercise and body-mindfulness. Yoga, stretching, swimming, trail running, rock climbing, horseback riding and more can help you feel confident and strong in your body.

Regain control

New experiences through holistic therapy can empower you to make smart decisions, think logically and keep your priorities in order.

Rebuild your social life

A wide range of possible outlets for holistic treatment invites a new pool of peers into your daily life. You’ll make friends who can relate on a deep level, having had similar experiences in addiction and recovery.

Enjoy life

Bringing your whole self into treatment creates opportunities to discover or build on unique passions and hobbies. You might find activities that you truly enjoy, imbuing your life with new happiness and purpose.

Alleviate symptoms

Substance use disorders come with a host of unpleasant symptoms and cravings. Holistic treatment modalities such as breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga, tai chi, massage or reiki can help diminish symptoms.

Feel like yourself again

Substance use, especially prolonged substance use, can cause you to lose your identity. When you’re getting clean, having a space to rediscover yourself can be liberating.

There are endless benefits to this framework of therapy. The more avenues you explore, the stronger support you’ll have in your recovery.

How long does holistic therapy take?

Holistic addiction therapy can happen within the context of a structured detox program, as a formal part of your treatment plan that occurs off-site or as an activity that you engage in on your own. The length of time you participate in holistic therapy depends on your specific treatment plan.

Additionally, long after your stay in inpatient treatment is complete, you’ll be able to continue to turn to various holistic therapy techniques as self-care and coping methods. For example, journaling can become a life-long habit or exercise can become a personal passion.

How do I prepare for holistic therapy?

If you’re interested in holistic therapy for recovery from substance use disorder, the best way to begin your healing is to get in contact with a professional drug and alcohol rehab center. Some facilities provide these holistic therapies in-house, while others will be able to connect you with programs that interest you.

Bluff Augusta offers holistic and alternative options for clients in recovery from substance use disorder, including equine-assisted therapy, yoga, meditation, nutrition and exercise programs. With unique programming for different needs and substances, you’ll find the most personalized and compassionate care available. Call today to get started.