For Patients and Families

How to Select the Best Rehab

Choosing the best addiction treatment program for you or your loved one can be a challenging decision. Making the right choice has tremendous implications on the odds of sustaining recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. So what kinds of questions should you ask? “How to Select the Best Rehab Program” provides information on choosing a rehab program that offers effective, comprehensive care for the disease of addiction.

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For Professionals

How to Effectively Assess Addicted Individuals

Knowing how to accurately assess patients for addictive disorders helps physicians and other clinicians provide the best treatment recommendations. Yet often, patients don’t volunteer information about their substance use problem, or they try to hide the extent of their substance use. And across specialties, most medical education programs don’t focus on how to look for less obvious signs of addiction. Our guide, “How to Effectively Assess Addicted Individuals,” includes case studies and a simple, three-question screening tool that can provide clinicians with important clues about whether a patient may need further evaluation for substance abuse.

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For the Community

The State of Opioid Addiction in Georgia

Opioid abuse has reached an epidemic level in the state of Georgia. Our Report on Addiction will answer questions such as:

  • What impact has the opioid addiction epidemic had on the state of Georgia?
  • What impact has the opioid addiction epidemic had on the state of Georgia?
  • How have recent advances in neuroscience changed our understanding of addiction?
  • What are important attributes of a comprehensive addiction treatment program?

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Other Resources

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) has a wealth of information about issues related to addictive disorders and treatment.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has FAQs about seeking drug treatment.

For information on finding an addiction specialist, visit the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Narcotics Anonymous holds meetings across the United States. Visit their website to find a meeting near you.

Find an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting here.