7 Sober Activities in Augusta That Won’t Disappoint

The early stages of recovery are often the most challenging, and it’s also this portion of the journey that some people feel especially vulnerable to old desires in their new sobriety.

While exploring a new town, or the one you’ve lived in for years, you may find it difficult to find sober activities that differ from your old habits. Augusta is a charming town that offers plenty of options to enjoy a fun-filled day.

There are plenty of ways to experience the heart of Augusta that won’t bring about temptation or lead to relapse, and we’re going to share the top seven with you in this article.

Best sober activities in Augusta

In Augusta, they pride themselves on being a perfect blend of tradition and history, and fresh fun and new energy. This is where old meets new — in Augusta, you’ll discover that both your youthful edge and old soul are satisfied.

For seeking alcohol-free activities and entertainment, there’s an abundance of engagements for you to choose from, and we’ve narrowed them down to the top seven.

1. Go on a food crawl

Augusta is full of delicious food to try, ranging from family-owned coffee and doughnut shops to Southern comfort barbecue and high-scale seafood restaurants. You can spend an entire day simply touring the food of Augusta and dipping in and out of different candy stores, cafes, restaurants and pastry shops.

2. Immerse yourself in a museum

Augusta really is a city rich with history and tradition, and there are multiple museums to prove it. To name just a few—there’s the Museum of History, Morris Museum of Art, Pexcho’s American Dime Museum and Westobou Gallery. 

If you like soaking up local history and learning about tradition, or you’re looking to cool off on a mid-Summer day, Augusta offers many great museums and galleries.

3. Walk the Augusta Riverwalk

Sometimes called the “front porch of the city,” the Augusta Riverwalk is one of the city’s most unique and popular attractions. This scenic route is lined with nature as it runs parallel to the Savannah River, and you’ll find an abundance of vendors, local artisans, food stops and if you’re there on the right day, you might even pass a free local concert.

4. Catch a show at the Imperial Theater

At nearly 100 years old, the Imperial Theater is a standing testament to the artistic traditions of this historic district. It’s a small-but-influential vaudeville theater that still hosts era-relevant shows to this day. Settle into your seat and experience an old twist on entertainment.

5. Swing by the Good Earth farmers’ market

Good Earth is an enclosed farmers’ market that offers you some of the freshest, highest quality, most delicious produce you can find in Augusta. Created to operate all year round, Good Earth only provides seasonal fruits and vegetables, so you can truly buy, cook and eat like a local.

6. Test your skills at Mastermind Escape Games

If you like solving mysteries and the thought of being locked in a room doesn’t terrify you, then you just might be destined to be the next master escape artist at Mastermind Escape Games. An experience like no other, you’re locked in a room that is themed around a unique story, and in order to get out, you have to solve the mysteries within the story. 

7. Stroll around the Augusta Mall

Recognized as one of the largest malls in the entire state, the Augusta Mall not only has a massive circumference, but it’s also filled with an abundance of different shops and boutiques. In addition to having a wide range of shopping options, it also has a number of spa and beauty parlors, and is an architecturally beautiful masterpiece you can walk through and marvel at.

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