Luxury Addiction Recovery Services Offered at Bluff

If you are seeking more information about holistic addiction treatment, for either yourself or for a loved one, it is important that you look into the details of exactly what a rehabilitation, or addiction treatment center can offer. At Bluff, our goal is to offer rehab services in a serene environment that allows patients the very best opportunity for a lasting, whole-body recovery.

Our Approach

As a five-star rehab, our approach is different than that of most rehab centers. We believe that comfort is the key to a successful recovery. We believe that a natural recovery is a lasting one, thus we make recovery as organic and natural as possible.

When a patient is in an alien setting, removing all the comforts of home doesn’t make any sense, as it can be an additional layer of unnecessary stress. We are structured in a resort-like setting where patients can go to recover in comfort.

Our Facility

Our facility spans 178 sprawling acres overlooking the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia. The facility’s exterior is a charming throwback to the antebellum period; the interior offers rooms with modern comfort.

We don’t strip away all of the comforts of home, but rather we add extra layers of comfort making patients feel comfortable and supported. Bluff’s beautifully manicured grounds provide a serene place to walk, to take one of our yoga classes, or to take part in our equine therapy program.

Each cottage is prepared for ultimate coziness and comfort, with high-end bed linens, decorated rooms, and plenty of space to relax. Privacy is important here, and the secluded cottages and grounds allow for a feeling of being away from the world while you recover in peace.

Our low-hypoglycemic diet is prepared by a five-star chef and is focused on helping patients become healthier. Many addicts arrive in poor physical condition because they’ve consumed very littler or binged on unhealthy foods. Our chefs create meals that eschew the extra sugar, increase the healthy lean proteins and help the body heal with balanced meals.

Our Treatment Methods 

Once our patients are comfortably settled in their rooms, the true work of rehab can begin. We focus on scientific methods that combine a number of different disciplines, with the ultimate goal of natural whole-body wellness using entirely holistic addiction treatment methods.

Addiction is very complex and involves many areas of the brain. Therefore, addiction has a dramatic impact on your body, your behavior, and on your social relations. Because taking a single approach to recovery will not work for a complicated brain disease, we use a multi-dimensional approach that deals with every part of your body (and your life) that addiction touches and impacts.

Our doctors and staff focus not just on physical recovery, but emotional recovery as well. We give patients all of the tools they need to prevent relapse once returning home. This recovery program is a long-term, not just a quick fix.

Who We Can Help

Our five-star rehab program can help many different types of patients. No matter what the problem may be, you can rest assured that total privacy and discretion is given for each and every patient. Some of the issues we help with include:

Alcohol dependency and addiction

Drug dependency and addiction

Prescription drug dependency and addiction

Dual disorders

If you or someone you love needs help with any of the problems above, we have trained therapists available to talk to you right now.