How to Find the Right 12-Step Program for You

The 12 Steps were initially created by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which was the original 12-step program. Due to its success in assisting so many people in their recovery within the initial years of its launch, other support groups and recuperation centers quickly started utilizing the 12-step method and adapting it to their specific focus. 

Almost anyone can find a 12-step program for their individual struggle nowadays, ranging from finding a community for those recovering from a cocaine addiction, to those struggling with a shopping addiction.  Different focuses, but each is based on the same 12 steps. 

Attending 12-step meetings can greatly benefit you on your recovery journey by surrounding you with people who are similarly struggling, but who are also all committed to their healing, individually as well as with one another.

What is a 12-step program?

A 12-step recovery program is a series of principles that outline an action plan for those undergoing addiction recovery. They are typically orchestrated in a group setting that formulates a peer-based, judgment-free, empathetic community. 

12-step programs typically have a spiritual element to them in the sense of acknowledging a higher power who’s going to assist you in your recovery from addiction. Some people assume the program won’t work for them because they aren’t religious, but there are countless non-religious people who have found success within the program’s structure.

Inside of a 12-step recovery program, you’ll receive a sponsor to guide you through the 12 steps and be a sort of mentor to you throughout the process. A sponsor is going to be someone who went through the 12-step program themselves — for that specific addiction — and has maintained sobriety, or if it’s not a substance, not fallen back into a relapse. 

Oftentimes, you’re given the ability to choose your sponsor yourself, to ensure it’s someone you feel comfortable being around and talking with on a consistent basis. This sponsor will help keep you accountable, and be a source of encouragement and inspiration for you because they’ve been exactly where you are now, and successfully made it to the other side where you want to be. 

While this sponsor is absolutely someone you can seek advice from or confide in about anything, it’s important to remember they are not actually a therapist.  

If you — or your sponsor — believe you should seek out additional professional help, you can always reach out to our team here at Bluff, and we’ll help you from there.

Who can join a 12-step program?

The short answer is anyone. 12-step recovery programs are an excellent resource to help you maintain sobriety and rebalance your life because they can help you feel and be less alone. You’ll be surrounded by people who are either actively struggling, recovering or fully on the other side of recovery. You’ll have a community of people who understand, and hold no judgment over you or your life.

How to find the right program for you

If you’re wondering if a 12-step recovery program is right for you — truthfully, there’s not many people a 12-step program can’t help. They are designed for people who are actively seeking recovery from an addiction, who are wanting to be a part of a safe community they feel comfortable being vulnerable with, often in addition to professional treatment.

Many rehab centers and treatment plans integrate a 12-step program into their recovery method due to their consistent success in helping people overcome alcohol, drug and even behavioral addictions (an example of this would be gambling). These are the three most popular addictions that a 12-step program helps people successfully overcome.

The right program for you will depend on a multitude of factors, including:

  • Your level of comfortability within a group setting
  • The type of substance or behavior you are or were addicted to
  • Religion, if you want to find a group of the specific denomination you’re a part of

With how popular 12-step programs have become, you will absolutely be able to find a support group that fits your individual preferences and needs.

Reach out for additional guidance

If you need help finding the right 12-step recovery program for you, just send a message to our team of professionals here at Bluff and we’ll help you figure out your next steps.

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