Top 4 Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

A method of treatment in the recovery community that continues to rise in popularity and prove its success is that of holistic addiction treatment.

While holistic medicine has long been practiced in Eastern medicine, it’s only recently started to become more understood and accepted in Western medicine (the standard type of medicine practiced here in the United States).

Holistic practices have long been incorporated into conventional recovery plans in order to create a more all-inclusive treatment, fully holistic treatments are becoming increasingly praised for their whole-body and full-spectrum approach to healing.

What is holistic addiction treatment?

“Holistic” is commonly understood to mean “whole person,” and in terms of recovery, this means you adopt a full-spectrum approach to healing or recovering from an illness or addiction. In other words, instead of taking the conventional route of healing on only the physical and mental side (like detoxing or therapy), you also prioritize your emotional, energetic and spiritual health. 

Holistic addiction treatment is going to focus on healing and supporting your overall well-being, while also treating the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal to promote a balanced recovery.

Some examples of holistic treatment for addiction include:

  • Nature-based therapy, such as surf, backpacking, outdoor yoga
  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques
  • Art, music, or writing therapy
  • Aromatherapy, sound therapy, hypnotherapy
  • Reiki and energy healing
  • Nutritional, plant, and herb therapy

In addition to the above methods, pursuing spiritual enlightenment or deepening your personal spirituality or faith is typically encouraged as well. 

Top four benefits of holistic addiction treatment

Conventional treatment methods for substance abuse and addiction revolve primarily around medical and behavioral procedures, such as counseling, group therapy and medications. These techniques have helped countless people successfully overcome their addictions and build a new, healthy lifestyle, but for other people, these methods fall short.

While there’s an abundance of benefits to choosing holistic addiction treatment, we’re going to share with you the top four ways holistic treatment can help someone battling an addiction.


1. Being treated as a whole person and not a case of symptoms

There’s a difference between treating someone who has an alcohol or drug addiction, and treating an alcoholic or drug addict. Holistic medicine views you as a whole person with a condition to be treated, not as the problem itself; this comprehensive view of healing incorporates powerful aspects into your recovery journey that might be otherwise neglected by conventional Western medicine.


2. Promoting and establishing balance in the other areas of your life

One of the common understandings in holistic addiction treatment is that addiction occurs because of an imbalance — or multiple imbalances — that have occurred in your life. For some people, this might have been developing nutritional deficiencies by not eating enough healthy foods; some might have fallen into living on autopilot; for others, it might be unhealed traumas.

Holistic treatment will not only help you develop healthy routines and habits to specifically help you recover from addiction, it will also help you establish balance and productivity in the long run so you can experience happiness to the fullest.


3. Empowering you to be in charge of your life and not be a victim

No one can make you or even convince you to change your life, to fully recover, to be happy; only you can. This is one of the greatest benefits of holistic addiction treatment.

Much of conventional Western medicine promotes toxic mentalities such as “once an addict, always an addict.” Which can often cause people who are recovering from addiction to believe they will either never fully recover, or they do not possess the ability to ever move on from addiction. Neither of which is true. 


4. Reducing risk for relapse and promoting long-term health

Holistic addiction treatment integrates a variety of mindfulness and self-awareness practices that are, by nature, meant to help you get to know yourself on a deeper level. This allows you to better understand your triggers and, in turn, learn which healthy coping mechanisms work best for you in your life during and post-recovery.

Holistic methods have proved to not only be successful in helping people recover from addiction, but also in helping them foster a healthy, happy life post-addiction recovery.

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