Understanding Holistic Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Holistic medicine has long been revered and practiced in Eastern medicine but has, for the most part, been marginalized in Western medicine (the standard form of medicine we experience here in the United States).

In recent decades, though, holistic medicine has begun to be more widely recognized, respected and even practiced in a variety of forms — including being used to treat addiction.

When someone has been battling an alcohol addiction, both their body and their mind have deteriorated to a certain degree, and both need an intense level of care in order to recover.

This is where holistic treatment comes in and shines.

What are holistic treatments?

One of the core beliefs of holistic medicine is to treat the person as a whole, and not solely the illness or addiction they’re suffering from. The understanding is that your being is composed of perfectly complementary working parts, and when you start experiencing negative symptoms, it’s because these parts have fallen out of harmony due to internal and external imbalances.

This means that a holistic practitioner is going to assess your—mental, emotional, spiritual state, environment and nutritional habits, in addition to evaluating your physical symptoms. 

They are assuming a full-spectrum approach to your recovery, working to not only treat the symptoms, but get to the source(s) of the issue so you can eliminate the symptoms entirely and fully heal.

In other words, the goal of holistic treatment is to return your entire being to a state of balance.

Benefits of holistic treatments

There are a wide variety of benefits to holistic treatment, some of the most impressive being:

  • Teaching you how to prioritize nutrition (leading to a healthier lifestyle)
  • Helping you build up and strengthen your spiritual health
  • Lowering stress and anxiety, and eases insomnia and depression
  • Helping you effectively manage, reduce and eliminate cravings
  • Preparing you to begin your new sober life in practical, empowering ways

There isn’t just one form of holistic treatment either; just as conventional addiction recovery programs have a selection of common methods, so do holistic treatment programs.

Holistic treatment programs for alcohol addiction

Currently, the most common components of a conventional alcohol addiction recovery program include inpatient rehabilitation, individual or group therapy, sometimes additionally enrolling in a 12-step program, and frequently, prescription medication.

These methods work for some people but not all, and are often too expensive for many. Holistic treatment plans are a more natural, affordable option that increasingly more people are choosing to enroll in over the standard addiction recovery programs.

Holistic addiction treatment programs are especially favored by those who are specifically looking for an alternative to hospitalization and/or pharmaceutical drugs in their recovery.

Some of the best holistic treatment programs for alcohol addiction include—art therapy, animal therapy, gardening therapy, recreational or exercise therapy and nutritional therapy. 

Which holistic treatment sounds good to you?

Art therapy — which often includes music therapy — is one of the most effective ways people become more in tune with themselves, understand and express emotions and significantly relieve stress and anxiety.

Animal therapy –  helpful for those who struggle with connecting with people and building and maintaining relationships (romantic and platonic). 

Garden therapy – works as a healthy coping mechanism for those struggling with self-destructive urges as well as helps to promote a sense of responsibility, mindfulness and purpose.

Recreational therapy – is one of the most common forms of holistic treatments due to the large amount of health benefits that come with regularly integrating exercise in your life. Some of these benefits include weight management, strengthening your heart, reducing disease and even improving brain health.

Nutritional therapy – is at the foundation of nearly every holistic treatment program due to the deeply held belief that food is, in fact, the purest form of medicine. You’ll learn about the importance of nutrition and eating well and you’ll be given the tools (not to mention some delicious recipes) so you can prioritize nutrition in your life both in and out of recovery.

Additional methods integrated into holistic therapies are herbal medicine, essential oils, homeopathy, meditation and prayer and bodywork (such as yoga and tai chi).

Contact us for additional support

Here at Bluff, we believe that true health is not just the absence of an illness or chemical imbalance, but the harmonious, optimal functioning of your body as a whole. That’s why we offer a variety of customizable holistic addiction treatment programs.

When you enroll in one of our holistic programs, we will personally assign a team of qualified professionals to not only guide and help you heal from your addiction in the present, but set you up with preventative practices and nutritional education so you don’t relapse in the future.

Everyone’s journey to sobriety is uniquely their own, and you will have your own preferences when it comes to the treatment you receive and undergo during recovery. If holistic treatment sounds like the perfect fit for you, we’re here to answer any questions you might have about how we can help you on your journey.

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